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Bharat Mint & Allied Chemical is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of essential oil, Menthol Crystal, Mint Oil situated in Ujhani District Budaun U.P.


With over two decades of learning and experience " Bharat Mint & Allied Chemical ”is founded on its core value of Reliability, Commitment, Transparency and Creating and Delivering great customer satisfaction with deep quality centric insight, By keeping our focus on client's needs we created a long chain of satisfied clientele over the years.


Our manufacturing facility is equipped with highly advanced equipments & skillful personnel that help us to enrich our products with supreme quality.

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We place ourselves in the position of everyone we serve – Clients, Companies, Communities, as a result we create a customer-centric environment where our team constantly endeavor to find the solution for our client in an extremely reliable manner.


With an aim to ensure high quality standards & to satisfy every client we use all the modern technologies, advanced equipment and highly experienced professionals to shape our products.


We know we succeed only when our customers succeed hence we strive to maintain fairness & transparency in business with open communication with our clients & delivering our promises in timely manner to foster growth.


We have one value : To serve our customer well, It is at the core of our values to create great deal of customer satisfaction, earn their trust & respect and keep our primary focus on their needs and delivering excellent service.