About Us

About Bharat Mint

Bharat Mint & Allied Chemical is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Essential oil, Menthol Crystal, Mint Oil etc. situated in Ujhani, District Budaun in Uttar Pradesh Province which is deemed prominent for cultivation of mint oil. 

With over two decades of learning and experience " Bharat Mint & Allied Chemical " is founded on its core value of Reliability, Commitment, Tranparency, Creating and Delivering great customer satisfaction with deep quality centric insight, Having large production capacity enable us to meet all sort of market demands effectively in a timely manner and By keeping our focus on client's need we have been able to create a long chain of satisfied clientele.


We at " Bharat Mint & Allied Chemicals " It is our constant endeavor to ensure highest standard of quality & In order to fully realise that vision we have an extremely dedicated research team that work constantly in finding new and innovative ways to deliver unrivaled quality products, With help of highly advanced Equipments and latest tehnology at our disposal we keep pushing our efforts further to expand our horizon and creating the unmatched experience by shaping & enriching our products with supreme quality.

Our Aim is to deliver the purest and most efficient form of mint products And building up long term of business relation with our patron.